Saturday, November 19, 2011

Altered Clock

This clock was plenty useful , but not that attractive (my opinion) with it's paper print . So I gessoed it drew my favorite subject on it and painted it . I think it's kind of cute :)

Hubby and I have been into this latest hobby  Letterboxing, it's all my favorites,hiking,treasure hunting,and art all rolled into one . check it out here
This is my first carved stamp , not good ,but carving is fun and hopefully I will improve at this skill
Twenty Questions is our trail name.


  1. I simply love the snowman clock! Your painting is just perfect! When I painted, I did lots of snowmen, they were a favorite subject of mine. Do you have more? I haven't looked around! Great painting, Vicky!

  2. That is so clever, to customize a clock like that! Our favorite clock borke, so I have clocks on the brain lately.

    Your handcarved stamp is very cool! I asked for a stamp-carving kit for Christmas last year, and got one, but I am ashemed to admit that I haven't made a single one yet.

  3. Very cute! Thanks for posting and sharing with the group!

  4. Oh Vicky, we need to see more of your designs and paintings your clock is incredible and I do love your stamp. Fabulous artwork.. glad I popped over when I saw you anniversary card. Keep safe my dear friend, hugs Gez xxxx